Difference Between Illustration and Designing in Contemporary Illustration Learning

There would be various types of illustration which are being learnt and taught as a subject, course, a series of courses or through general drawing techniques. Various people learn these types in a long course, yet, they actually don’t know they often learn them as a designer. Sometimes, people couldn’t understand that what they learn; designing or illustration. Hence, the learners should have to learn that there is a huge difference between a designer and an illustrator. The learners often get confused themselves between these two, so that, in this article, it is tried to make a clear difference between both:

A designer often designs the things i.e. in contemporary world, s/he often collects the ideas from different sources and make a new idea for himself/herself or for his/her client. Sometimes, the designer creates a new idea by himself/herself, yet, there should be various guidelines are given to him/her before the creation by his/her client. Hence, the work of designer remains delimited to composition of idea organizing the elements i.e. through typography or images utilizing the tools present in his/her software etc.

On the other hand, the images or typography which is utilized in a designer’s work are illustrated by an illustrator. Therefore, an illustrator produces images or imagery by himself/herself with taking instructions from other ideas. So that, we can say that illustration would be a part of a full design yet not a design itself. The work of illustrators would be harder than a designer, for instance, they support designer and give the elements to make a whole design. Sometimes, illustrations work as supportive mediums or helpful explanations of a design. For instance, texts, ideas or imagery are better translated are supportive through better illustrations in books, magazines or newspaper articles etc.

Henceforth, a person would be a designer or illustrator or both on the various situations. In various situations, both of them exchange their roles with each other, or they both learn each other’s skills and become designers cum illustrators or vice versa due to the competitive and contemporary needs as become an active part multidisciplinary world.

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