The Art & Science of Drawing / SHADING FUNDAMENTALS

Shadow and the dramatic light learning are the basic coursework and outcome of the course. Shading principles are the important aspects in all the simple or complex forming of shading fundamentals. From simple to complex objects, from the cube, cylinder or sphere, the light operation and its understanding is important on all the fundamental volumes for the preparation of realistically shading and rendering. The shading techniques learning empowers the professional skills of the creative and idealist artists.

Figure drawing and painting is the further elaboration of this prerequisite course

THE ART & SCIENCE of DRAWING will make an artist or a professional able to draw a day at the same time of frame through this contemporary program. This program will work on a video lecturing which is also very simple to follow and day by day will become very understating towards the essential drawing skills through a proper practice after the video lecture.

THE ART & SCIENCE of DRAWING would be very simple and clearest in its nature which would provide a learner a cooperative drawing learning through a simple process having powerful insights. The tools and techniques which are provided in this course will could never be learnt into or through other available learning institutes or art academies.  

This 8-part series course would be taught spatially, and this is its seventh installment. If you are a new or a fresh learner, we suggest you pursue this in the following orders learning the entire series:

  1. Basic Skills at the initial stage along with
  2. Dynamic Mark Making and then you can learn
  3. Form & Space, after this stage of learning you would peruse
  4. Measuring & Proportion, then the advance stage comes in which you will learn
  5. Contours, after contouring your will be able to understand this course
  6. Shading Fundamentals and the advanced level of it
  7. Shading: Beyond the Basics

What you’ll learn

  • Shadow and Dramatic light could be learned basis on basic volumes drawing
  • The cylinder, the cube or the sphere which are the fundamental volumes are being taught based on light operations i.e. the working of light on the prior mentioned volumes
  • The important tools of light like the cast shadow, the core shadow, the highlight and the reflected light are being taught based on shadow patterns and fundamental light etc.


  • There is no specialization required, hence, experience of drawing is required

Who this course is for:

  • For Drawing or painting professional and artists.
  • A career in the arts could be started through this course.
  • A creative outlet would be based through this course.
  • Design would be the basic idealist persuasion.